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Lapshin Eduard Vladimirovich, doctor of technical sciences, professor, sub-department of radio equipment design and production, Penza State University (440026, 40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia),
Kemalov Berik Kairovich, candidate of technical sciences, deputy head of the department of education and science of the Ministry of defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, (010000, 14, Dostyk ave., Astana, Kazakhstan),
Kuatov Baurzhan Zholdybaevich, deputy chief of academic and scientific works, Military Institute of Air Defense Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan named after T. Ya. Begel'dinov (463024, 16 A. Moldagulova avenue, Aktobe, Kazakhstan),

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Methodological principles are proposed the establishment of flight simulators using multiprocessor computer complexes with parallelization of computing processes in real time. The concept of modularity involves the possibility of combining individual elements without their impact on the system as a whole. With the modular architecture of the systems modules can be created independently of each other and unite blocs to obtain the necessary results. Many of the elements used in modern modularity. Group modules have traditionally required a large amount of time and financial expenses (sometimes the expected benefit is not achieved or required excessive force). So many aerobatic devices use analog data, and in a number of other devices and calculators which use digital data. There was an Exchange in AT large variety of information flows. Most difficulties relate to all operations in real time. When the interface modules and modular approach can be seen from the functional point of view, or system is seen as a collection of hardware and software modules. Specified Division allows you to reach the main goal is to divide these levels so that changes on one level do not cause changes on the other. So, you can upgrade modules acceleration effects, visualizations, install other COMPUTERS, etc.without changing the logical structure of AT or vice
versa, use different elements of the physical layer to create a concrete AT. Solution to the issue of the interaction of modules is actually a solution for data transfer from module to module. Connect pairing scheme is needed (ideally-universal).Special consideration in the modular approach requires a software issue. The greatest efforts spent on mobility software. The proportion of the cost of the software in the total value of AB is constantly increasing. Therefore, improving programmer productivity is becoming increasingly important. To avoid the complexity of technological innovation requirements to modules, interface, etc. should not be excessively rigid and focus narrowly on existing technologies. The key to success is to create flexible modules and the system as a whole. The module should be defined functionally. Types of used computers, length of words, language and the like should not be included in the definition of the module. When defining the interface modules, approval standards (to exclude differences), the umbrella organization coordinating contractors must perform and the role of the expert. Considered approach was used to develop a number of aircraft simulators, widely used for training flight crews in training centers for both civil and military aviation.

Key words

aviation simulators, modularity, software, simulators, training means

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